I Just Paid $4,500.00 For This Collection of Hockey Cards From 1911-12

1911-12 Imperial Tobacco Hockey Cards (C55)

1911-12 Imperial Tobacco Hockey Cards

When the third generation owner of these 105 year old (1911-12 Imperial Tobacco Hockey Cards) decided he was ready to sell them, he took them to a travelling antiques road show type of event where he was offered a sum that he wasn’t pleased with. He contacted me, and shortly thereafter I was sitting down in front of him, laying out $4,500.00 in cash for the collection! Issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company for the 1911-12 season, the C55 series pre-dates the NHL, and is one of the earliest known sets of hockey cards ever produced. Of the three Tobacco Sets produced in the early 1910’s, the C55 series is the most sought after and features the rookie card of Georges Vezina, and a host of other legendary players including Fred “Cyclone” Taylor, Art Ross and Edouard (Newsy) Lalonde!

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Check out the video below where I purchase the entire 1911-12 C55 Imperial Tobacco Hockey collection for $4500 cash! (Please watch until the end for some kind words from the seller, Kevin, about his experience dealing with me.)

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