I’m Late, I’m Late, for a Very Important Date (to buy a 1954-55 Topps Hockey Set)!

1954-55 Topps Hockey Set Purchase

I recently met an American collector who grew up in upstate New York. Instead of being a fan of the Yankees or Giants, he went to a few games at Madison Square Garden and fell in love with hockey! When he decided the time was right to sell his 1954-55 Topps hockey set, he contacted me! After some e-mails back and forth discussing the condition of his cards and a ballpark price based on that, we made arrangements to meet in Victoria, BC as he was there for a mini vacation.

Sometimes plans go smoothly and sometimes not! The ferry I boarded to meet him, was late! Ten minutes behind schedule turned into nearly an hour, and by the time we docked, it was well past our original meeting time. That is why you hear me apologize profusely upon greeting him. Realizing this delay was beyond anyone’s control, we sat down to close the deal!

So, by land, sea or air, nothing can stop you from doing business with me! If you have vintage sports cards or some interesting, rare or historical sports memorabilia you want to sell, do what this gentleman did and contact me to discuss your material. I can be reached at 604-726-1774 or by e-mail at info@aasportscards.com

1954-55 Topps Hockey

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