Friday He Called Me. Saturday We Met and I Purchased His Baseball Card Collection for $1,000 Cash!

I love buying old baseball card collections. Barry called me on a Friday to enquire as to whether I’d be interested in buying his old baseball cards. Less than 24 hours later, we were face to face, and I was looking over his stuff. Thirty minutes after that, I paid him $1,000.00 in cash, and we had a deal! By coming to see me, Barry saved himself all the time and trouble of driving all over town “searching” for a card store or weeks, if not months, of sitting in front of his computer, trying to sell it all himself!

I make selling your collection easy and hassle-free! If you have an old baseball card collection, or want to sell your vintage hockey, basketball, football cards, or other rare, historic sports memorabilia, do what Barry did, and give me a call today (604-726-1774). I can also be reached via e-mail (

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