Genuine 1982 Clarence Campbell Conference Trophy Awarded To…

Seller Whispers Name on Replica Clarence Campbell Conference Trophy

Clarence Campbell Conference Trophy

Clarence Campbell Conference Trophy Closeup

Thirty-four years ago, the Vancouver Canucks rode a white towel and destiny all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The team had never won anything before Stan Smyl hoisted the Campbell Conference Trophy on behalf of his teammates after a game 5 victory over the Chicago Black Hawks at the old Chicago Stadium. As per tradition, each member of the Canucks received a smaller replica version of this award the following season. That is, all but one member of the team who went AWOL and never declared interest in owning this. Perhaps he harboured too much resentment at not being able to sip from, “Lord Stanley’s Cup”. The mystery of the player is akin to how Cadbury makes its Caramilk bar, what the recipe is for Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret spices, or who Carly Simon wrote, “Your So Vain” about, (anyone born before 1980 has NO idea what I’m talking about!) To read more about this trophy’s tale, please read the following transcript from a former employee of the Vancouver Canucks. I begged her to tell me the identity of the player…maybe she did…maybe she didn’t…I’ll never tell! If you’ve got sports collectibles or memorabilia like this, please give me a call at 604-726-1774 or email me at

Clarence Campbell Conference Trophy Full View

The attached photo is what I consider my second-most treasured NHL possession. That is a genuine Campbell Conference Trophy player replica. The only way to get one is to be on a team who won it. There’s a story behind it:

The player whose name is engraved on it, (along with “Vancouver Canucks 1982”), never picked it up or informed us where we could send it after he left the country. When I left the Canucks in 1990, I asked what I should do with it – it had been in my office-safe for eight years. I was told it now belonged to me. The player frankly belongs in the “who?” category for many hockey fans, so I doubt that his name means anything to the collectible value of this item. It’s been a thrill for me to have it all this time. I showed it to a die-hard hockey friend awhile ago, and he nearly dropped to his knees, declaring it was, “one of the coolest things he’d ever touched”. LOL

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