Looking To Sell Your Collection? Here’s More Proof You Should Deal With Me!

When Bill D. decided the time was right to sell his hockey cards from 1957-58, he was unsure of how to proceed. He looked on eBay but the myriad of different prices and rules for getting things set up to sell a one time collection seemed daunting. He ventured into the last sports card store “left” that was somewhat close to him, but was unable to get the proprietor to engage in anything resembling a reasonable offer! His final try on Kijiji was met with a couple of responses from anonymous e-mails with nothing more than a “how much do you want” scenario. Then Bill found my website. He sent me an e-mail explaining what he had and we followed that up with a phone call. Even though Bill lives in Ontario and I am in BC, we were able to do business easily, fairly and promptly! Bill sent me his collection via Canada Post (with signature required so there was proof I received the parcel). I got the cards on Tuesday afternoon. I immediately e-mailed him to let him know the cards arrived. I went through and verified the contents that same day and let Bill know the final price I could pay for his stuff! After his confirmation, I went straight to the bank and sent him a certified bank draft by Express Post.

After the conclusion of our transaction, Bill was kind enough to write his first person account of his dealings with me! Please read his letter of testimony as well as the many other’s on my website. I hope that if you have vintage cards or hard to find sports memorabilia, any distance between us does not deter you from wanting to deal with me! 20 minutes apart or 2,000 miles away, selling to me is easy and stress-free! If you are ready to sell and want to discuss your items with me, give me a call at 604-726-1774 or e-mail info@aasportscards.com.

Dealing with Mike was easy, simple, quick and rewarding. The hockey cards had been in my possession for decades and I had never given much thought to selling them. I was unaware of the market or how to access it. Mike gave me simple instructions for how he would proceed to making me an offer. It was an open, honest approach that left me always feeling comfortable about the transaction. At any time I could say NO. I trusted him with my cards. He communicated daily so I was never left wondering about progress or “what he was up to”. He never haggled with me over small defects in some cards. Instead he gave me a nice price for the lot! I am very satisfied.

Bill D.

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