No Ken Dryden RC? No Guy Lafleur RC? No Problem…I’ll Still Buy It!

As anyone who watches my videos can surmise, they are not professionally shot! Nor are they supposed to be! Everything is 100 percent real with no editing or scripts, done in a single take!
I often think it would be great to keep the camera rolling while negotiations are happening if only to help illustrate how I purchase collections! Attention spans are short and the point of the videos is to show that as long as people want to sell, I am going to buy their stuff! Once the camera is turned on, the deal is pretty much done but getting there is the often the most interesting part!

When this gentleman sat down to show me his collection he explained to his dismay, he was missing a few cards from one of his sets. He discovered this after realizing a friend he had let go through them, “borrowed” many of the valuable cards such as the 1971-72 OPC #45 Ken Dryden RC, as well as Guy Lafleur and Marcel Dionne’s rookie cards which also happen to be in this set. With the key cards presumably stolen and no longer present, my challenge became to assess a realistic, fair value for what was left. When I go through a collection, I try to determine what I can reasonably expect to get in today’s market. This gentleman’s sets were all over the place condition wise from lower grade (creasing/corner wear) right up to those in very decent shape! This is where years of experience buying and selling comes into play determining a realistic value!

The rule of thumb in collectibles is, the seller NEVER tips their hand by offering the first price! That often leads to a game of chicken between buyer and seller! If someone is honest and up-front with me, I have no problem telling them what I will pay for their cards. Once we shake hands on the deal, they have my cash and I have their old cardboard! A great deal of time and effort goes into trying to turn old paper into profit! If you don’t a second job or feel like dedicating your free time to sitting in front of a computer trying to liquidate your old hockey, baseball, CFL cards/collectibles online by yourself, then give me a call today (604-726-1774) or e-mail me at

Whether you meet me in person or send me your collection in the mail, I am confident we will come to a fair deal for both parties! Please enjoy this video.

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