Watch As I Purchase A Georges Vezina RC and Other Cards From 1910-1911 for $4,000 Cash!

This seller originally contacted me two years ago when he wanted to sell his collection of Imperial Tobacco hockey cards from 1910 and 1911. These were the first sets of hockey cards ever issued and contain the rookie cards of Art Ross, Fred “Cyclone” Taylor, Newsy Lalonde and Georges Vezina among others! Even though we were close, we could not reach a deal the first time we met. The owner of the cards reached out to me again recently, and we decided to give it another try! In the collectibles business, market conditions and other factors change rapidly and this can affect values! What might have been worth “x” amount a decade ago or even last year, does not always mean a seller will get that price today!

Fortunately, we were able to work together and come to a mutual agreement on price for his collection. I paid him $4,000 “cash” and we were both able to say it was a fair deal.
If you have a collection of sports ephemera from 1910-1911 right through to the 1970’s, and are ready to sell, please give me a call to discuss what you have (604-726-1774). I can also be reached via e-mail at

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