The Story Of An Old Hockey Pucks Collection

WHA Hockey Pucks Collection

In addition to old cards, I happily buy old programs, autographs, game worn jerseys, sticks, goalie masks or other vintage sports memorabilia that catches my eye! I recently purchased a collection of 1970’s WHA hockey pucks. Here is a first person account of how the deal happened, written by the gentleman who sold them to me. If you have rare, historical sports ephemera, please contact me at 604-726-1774 or

Good day,

I’m Paul from Mission BC, and here’s my story of selling some pucks.

We were in need of some extra cash for some extra expenses relating to my youngest son’s baseball and golf involvement. So we decided to look around the house and see what we could sell. My attention came to some pucks that a customer had given me years ago.

I didn’t know where to start, so in passing I had asked a gentleman at a sports store on Granville Island. He mentioned AA Sports Cards may be interested, so after a bit of time I contacted Mike at AA Sports Cards. Immediately he was receptive and accommodating. I was impressed with his immediate follow through. I’m also in customer service, so I can appreciate this :). We exchanged some details on whether the pucks were original, we agreed on a fair price and then we agreed to meet. We met , money and pucks were exchanged, and everyone was happy!

Could not recommend a smoother way of handling my need to sell these pucks!

WHA Hockey Pucks

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